A test mode is a hidden mode in an electronic game which the manufacturer uses to test the lights, voice and sound effects of the electronic game. Every Bop It game has a test mode. For testing Bop It Original, Bop It Extreme and Bop It Extreme 2, the Twist It and Bop It buttons need to be hold and a battery needs to be inserted. For the Bop It Extreme 2 test mode to work, the volume control needs to be at high.

The newer models require pressing the Bop It and Pull It buttons and pressing the reset button or re-inserting the battery. The newer test modes say "Score 20." on the Bop It Shout and "Score 28." on Bop It XT. In Bop It XT, you can test the scoring by pressing Pull It and Twist It and reset or battery. if you hold Pull It and bop sides of the Bop It button it will go in to test mode. If you press any of the 6 commands (including shake it) it will play the sound as if you were in a regular game. Then, after that if you hold Pull it and both sides of the bop it button you will here a beep. then pull it. After about a minute you will here a series of sounds. Newer Bop It's also beep in the test mode.

For the 2016 version of Bop it the Twist It needs to be pressed and after immediately pressing reset, the Pull It needs to be quickly pulled three times and then it will announce the game version which is 1.36. On hearing 1.36, press the Pull It button again and you'll hear "score" and then after a few seconds it will beep. From there, if you twist it, it will cycle through the numbers and if you pull it it will play a selection of sounds. If you twist it whilst it's cycling through the sounds, you'll be able to test the Bop It sensor and the 10 actions. After pulling it, it will go into motion sensor testing mode and then finally it will shut off and go to sleep.