Brain Shift was a bonus electronic game released by Tiger Electronics in 1998. It was popular along with the Brain Warp game and the Bop It Extreme. Brain Shift become a lot more superior to Bop It Extreme as the game unit had six colours as Bop It Extreme had five actions and the Brain Shift contains six games and a hidden sampling mode.

Games Edit

Stick ShiftEdit

In this game, the voice calls out a color and the player has to use the stick shift to respond to the correct colour. The game has a background timer on which runs out pretty fast. The games background music increases speed on every shift completed. The game becomes so fast that the player has to shift to the correct colour whilst the color is called out. 

Memory Shift Edit

In Memory Shift, the player has to remember a sequcence of colors and shift them in order. The game starts off with three colors and finishes at 20. This is a multiplayer game and a miniumum of two shifters can play. If one person is playing, they can take advatnage of repeating the round to try and complete an insanely hard shift pattern. 

Who Shifts It?Edit

This game mode is very similar to Game Two, but instead a random player is chosen to shift the patetrn.

Ear ShiftEdit

In this game, the player has to memorizze the location of six different vechichle sounds. They need to shift all six to win the game. 

Secret ShiftEdit

In this game, the player has to memorize a sceret shift pattern. The game tells the player how many shifts they need to find and once they found all five, then the game tells the player how many shifts they found and the number of seconds and then the game advances to 6 shifts. 

Shift ArroundEdit

In this game, the player has to repeat all shifts and add an extra one. The last person standing is the winner.  

Test Mode Edit

Like most electronics games, there is a test mode in Brain Shift. If you press both buttons and insert one of the three batteries that power the game (one of them powers the lights and sounds), it will go straight into sampling mode and automicaly press the white button as it plays the "Happy Birthday" song. The red button will sound a beep, the green button plays through a set of sounds, the yellow button plays the main menu music, the blue button plays a set of sounds and plays the in-game music, orange button shows the pause light sequence and shifting white will play a monophonic version of "Happy Birthday".