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Bop it smash 2

Bop It! Smash was created in 2012 by Hasbro and is the fourth Bop It toy created after the series rebooted. Unlike most of the older creations in the Bop It! series, this one tests your mind with accuracy and timing, especially in the later levels.

Gameplay Edit

There are 11 lights: 8 amber, 2 green, and the central blue lights. Hitting amber lights will make you lose a life, green lights are worth 1 point, and the blue light scores 5 points and gives back a life. There are 3 modes: Solo, Pass It, and Multiplayer for up to 6 players. Each of these modes have the same basic gameplay, but there are differences. There are at 10 levels and a maximum of 3 lives in the game and unlike most Bop It toys, this game features a bonus round.

Each level has 4 rounds which is then followed by the bonus round, as well as getting faster and faster and the patterns getting more complicated.

The bonus rounds consist of lights moving in random order, but keep the same pattern for every bonus round.

Points are earned only in Solo Mode.

Modes Edit

Solo Edit

In Solo Mode, you must go through the 10 levels by yourself. Some of the main differences from the other modes are the inclusion of bonus rounds, high scores, and regaining lost lives by hitting a blue light.

(During bonus rounds, blue lights will give out the five points, but not the extra life.) In the bonus rounds, only the blue lights count

Pass It Edit

The Pass It mode consists of the players taking turns after each round. In this mode, there are two randomly selected rounds per level, no bonuses, and lives are refreshed after each round.

Multiplayer Edit

Multiplayer Mode is compatible with up to 6 players at a time. It's similar to Solo Mode because of the 4 rounds per level and no life refreshes, but in this mode, each player must beat a round for it to count as a completion, along with no bonus rounds.

Features and the modes they are available in

Victory songs: Multiplayer, Solo

Bonus rounds: Solo

Points: Solo

Multiplayer: Multiplayer, Pass It

Lives: All

Live regain(with blue light): Solo

3 chances every round: Pass It

Orders: Solo, Multiplayer

Continuous rounds: Pass It

Max possible score: 200 (if all blue lights are achieved. Additional points are added on after each bonus round.if score is over 999, the game will not announce the score and leave a gap.