Bop It Download is a Bop It made in 2006. It was the third "Extreme" Bop It to be made and the last Bop It (which is not another Bop It, but in a different color) made in the second era (before Bop It 2008). You could get software from the website which allowed users to record their own voice, upload beats and sounds. Hasbro also made different accent voices. Bop It Download has a maximum score of 1000 and 15 difficulty levels. It includes the ability to download beats and sounds.

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This is the default mode for this game. In it, it either calls out the commands using whatever voice is on there, or it plays a sound which is similar to what a certain command makes, depending on the level. The game will also use lights at certain points, again depending on the level. If the command/sound and the light match up with the object, it has to be done. If it plays a different command/sound that doesn't match the object, the player doesn't do anything.

Pass ItEdit

This mode is the traditional Pass It game. The game doesn't keep track of the score here, and will just simply say "You're out!" if the player loses.

One on OneEdit

In this mode, one player is on the yellow side and the other is on the green side. In this game, when the game says "Bop it!", each player races to hit their Bop It button. Whoever hits their button first gets a point. If the other player loses or if someone hits their button 10 times, that player will win.


This is not a game. In this mode, using any command (except Pull It) plays a short tune.